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We are available by phone while the house is open, or you can stop by the house if you see the open sign in our window! You can also check us out on Facebook for current updates and exciting new information!

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The Pinecrest Terrace Community House is located within the Pinecrest Terrace Community. The Community House is open to members of this community, providing resources and supports, building community capacity, helping to identify the needs of the community and fostering a warm and welcoming environment.

Pinecrest Terrace is a social housing community with approximately 125 family units, housing around 420 residents.  Many are children and youth, single parents and new immigrants.  Most residents have lived in the community for an average of eight years and some 15 different languages can be heard throughout the community.

We have developed a list of resources and helpful links that may be helpful to families in the Pinecrest Terrace community, including resources for healthcare, child care, and community resources.





All programs provided through Pinecrest Terrace Community House require pre-registration. To learn more about what is offered, please contact the Community House directly at